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What does G6PD stand for?

G-6-P-D stands for Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase.

What is a G-6-PD test and why is it important?

The G6PD test is a blood test that checks if you have a G-6-PD deficiency. G-6-PD deficiency is a recessive genetic disease that results in low levels of this enzyme. A problem with this enzume causes a type of red blood cell problem called a hemolytic anemia, particularly during times of stress or illness. Most people with the deficiency do not have symptoms.

Why would I get a G6PD test?

Most people who get tested have a family history of the disease or tend to belong to an at-risk ethnic group (e.g. African, Middle Eastern). Another reason that people get this test is because it's a requirement for overseas travel with organizations like the Peace Corps.

Does insurance cover G-6-PD testing?

You would have to check with your insurance company. Some insurance plans might cover the G6PD test but there may be associated costs or co-pays with getting a lab order to get the test done at a lab.

I don't have access to someone who can get the G-6-PD test for me. What should I do?

We would recommend ordering online. Just search for "G6PD test" and see if any relevant websites pop up.

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